Angus attractions on Chinese TV

A tourism documentary show-casing the many attractions of Angus has been broadcast in China and is due a repeat showing on the nation’s prime time TV on Christmas Day.

Glamis Castle, the Signal Tower museum, Arbroath Abbey and the magnificent Angus Glens were all in the spotlight as were walking, mountain biking and golf attractions across the county.

The producers, Docu China TV, were in Scotland earlier this year to film a series of tourism features about Scotland and chose to make Angus one of the top destinations they would feature. The resulting 20 minute documentary is a scenic journey around Angus and carries interviews about the Bell Rock Lighthouse with the Signal Tower Museum curator and a countryside ranger talking about walking and outdoor pursuits in the glens.

Commenting on the programme council leader councillor Bob Myles said: “The film is a fantastic showcase for Angus and has been broadcast to a massive audience in prime time slots across China. We couldn’t hope for better coverage of Angus’ diverse tourism attractions to the Chinese market. “It has the added bonus of delivering wonderful coverage at no cost - the producers, Docu China TV, came to us because the relationship we have built up over the years through the Angus in China initiative has exposed them to the Angus experience, first as leisure tourists then in a business capacity.”

The documentary was also welcomed by David Broadfoot, the administrator at Glamis Castle, one of the iconic heritage attractions featured. He said: “The tourism community in Angus is very fortunate to have such a proactive council particularly in the growing Chinese market.

“As a direct result of their initiatives Glamis Castle has the rare privilege of a twinning relationship with the Great Wall of China and the Penglai Pavilion in Shandong Province.

“We remain committed to these initiatives and plan to participate in another Angus Trade Mission to China in 2012.