Anger over lack of response

THE CHAIRMAN of Forfar Community Council has expressed her disappointment that, after waiting two months, no response has been received from Angus Council regarding problems at the Reid Hall.

Ongoing problems were raised at their November meeting and at the time the group wrote to Angus Council’s chief executive asking for an urgent review of the maintenance of the building. At their first meeting of 2013 on Thursday evening, chairman Mrs Isobel Ross stated more issues had been raised, including trays of unwashed dishes and, once again, shabby curtains along the front of the stage.

She said: “It is time somebody got a handle on the Reid Hall. It’s an embarrassment to Forfar. In November we wrote to the chief executive about it and to this very minute we have had no reply, not a courtesy ‘phone call or e-mail. This is serious stuff.”

Angus Councillor Lynne Devine said she would speak to Angus Council to see how they can sort out the problems.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “These issues were brought to our attention in November and in the course of resolving the problems mentioned, we identified staffing issues which are now being addressed. We will be communicating soon with Forfar Community Council on this matter and apologise for the delay in responding.”