And the new name for the Tolbooth is ..

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The decision has finally been made on the new name for the pub previously known as The Reid Park Bar, O’Hara’s, Baxters and Tolbooth - but proprietor Ian Whyte is keeping the new name under wraps for one more week.

Ian invited readers of the “Dispatch” and “Herald” to come up with a new name for the bar, and he wasn’t disappointed with the response.

He said: “Over the freeze in December our staff were just busy keeping the pub and newly opened kitchen functioning and trading, so we’ve taken a bit longer to choose a name that ticked all our boxes.”

The competition to rename the premises collected nearly 200 contenders, through a coupon in the Dispatch and by text, email and the pub’s Facebook page. There were many plays on words and local associations, with versions of The Causeway and Corner being among the favourites.

The shortlist included such well thought out suggestions of Five Ways Inn (pertaining to the number of doors into the building); The Fountain (from the Webster fountain on Little Causeway and the liquid source connection to a pub); C’way Inn (double meaning of come away inn and causeway); The Last Post and the Round Corner.

Ian now aims to send all the entrants a voucher for a “buy one get one free meal” from any of the downstairs lunch, dinner or Sunday Breakfast menus.

He added: “So, it only leaves me to say that the new name for the Tolbooth is to be - the name the pub was before it became the Reid Park Bar.

“Better ask your grand-dad or I’ll let you know next week!

“Anyone who comes in between now and then with the right answer can have a wee whisky on the house!”