Alyth archive achievement

THE SMALL band of volunteers involved with the Alyth Family History Project have completed a remarkable archive of the town’s burial records.

In little over 18 months every Alyth burial record between 1869 and 1999 has been transcribed to a digital archive held in Alyth Parish Church. Over 1700 lairs have been recorded and matched with photographs of headstones.

Project co-ordinator Irene Robertson is delighted with the progress of this part of the project. She said: “Alyth Family History Project was launched in August 2009 with the aim of collating old Alyth photographs, burial records and building a searchable archive for today’s enquiries and tomorrow’s generations.

“Trawling a cemetery for ancestors can be disappointing if no headstone has been erected and that is where our project comes in.

“If there is a headstone we have matched this with the burial record, if there is not then we can provide a lair plan to direct the enquirer to the unmarked lair position.

“Either way each record provides lair occupants, burial dates, addresses and often age or occupation.”

She continued: “In all honesty we expected the burial record part of the project to take years given the number of lairs.

“We are indebted to all our volunteers but in particular the small group of cemetery recorders who dedicated so many hours to copying hand-written burial ledgers to make them accessible to all.

“Special thanks go to Perth and Kinross Bereavement Services staff for their support and cooperation.”

Apart from burial records, Alyth Family History Project has Old Parish Records on microfilm dating from 1623 to 1854. What’s more - since it’s inception in 2009 the project has built up an archive of over 5,000 photographs of old Alyth people, school photos, businesses, events and views.

The project is also linked with Alyth Museum and Alyth Library providing a ‘one-stop’ history resource in Alyth.

Opening times for the project are Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon and Sundays from 2 pm to 4 pm in Alyth Parish Church.

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