All you want to know about plants

It’s bad enough pulling out the weeds.

It’s even worse pulling out plants that you’ve paid good money for.

Some plants just go mental in the garden and become a real problem.

Some are very difficult to get rid of. Some just curl up and die.

If you’d like to know which plants are good buys and which should be avoided, pop along to the Forfar Garden Club on Monday, April 30 at the Plough Inn, Market Street, Forfar at 7.30 pm.

The members are going to be telling the company about the plants they wish they’d never planted.

Then they will talk about the best plants in their gardens.

Non-members are very welcome to pop along and join in. The regulars will be sharing tales of their successes and their disasters.

Buying plants can be difficult for new gardeners.

In the garden centres all the plants have been carefully propagated in ideal conditions, then fed with chemicals so they look really good.

However, some are just not suited to our weather and our soil.

There is a vast range of plants available, and knowing the ones to avoid will save you money and heartache.

Knowing the ones which have given other gardeners lots of pleasure will help make sure you buy treasures - not things worse than weeds.