Alison stands again in Kirriemuir and Dean

Alison Andrews has been chosen to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Kirriemuir and Dean area in the local elections on Thursday, May 3. Alison has been working for residents in Kirriemuir & Dean on Angus Council since 2007.

Before she was elected to the Council, she worked for the University of St Andrews.

Alison is convener of the social work & health committee and represents the council on the Community Health Partnership, Angus Children’s Panel Advisory Committee and the Open Estate Prison Visiting Committee.

She is also a member of the committees for education, neighbourhood services and development standards. “It’s a privilege to represent the people of West Angus,” says Alison,.

“Being a councillor has enabled me to meet a lot of dedicated people who work very hard serving the community. “In particular, it has given me huge respect and admiration for the many volunteers who give so much time and effort to helping others.

“There are lots of wonderful people in Angus but they’re so modest that we don’t always notice how much they’re doing. I greatly appreciate them.” Alison has welcomed the improvements to schools in the area. There have been extensions to Webster’s High School and Airlie School, as well as the new Isla School and Newtyle Primary.

“It was an honour to be asked to open the new school in Newtyle,” says Alison. “It’s great that the children have such a bright cheerful building to work in and I’m glad the whole community can use and enjoy the extra space the new school offers.”

The Scottish Government’s change of heart about Angus College’s budget is also welcome, brought about by pressure from students and Willie Rennie’s Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Alison is still uneasy about the prospect of college regionalisation, which may prevent many students studying the course they want.