Air ambulance thanks to readers

Thanks go to our readers for helping to keep the charity air ambulance flying into 2014.
Thanks go to our readers for helping to keep the charity air ambulance flying into 2014.

The Chief Executive of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance has thanked all those who have supported the life-saving service.

In a letter to the ‘Dispatch and Herald’, Gavin Davey OBE, thanked all our readers who have helped to keep Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance flying into 2014.

He said: “Since launching seven months ago, the country’s only charity-funded air ambulance helicopter has responded to nearly 200 emergency calls right across Scotland - many of them to people in need in your area.

“Communities, businesses and individuals have all helped raise and donate vital funds and we thank them sincerely as they have played a crucial role in allowing us to fly to the aid of those who needed medical help quickly or to be moved to hospitals rapidly. We simply could not have flown so many missions without their help and everyone at SCAA wants to let them know how much we value their support.

“The charity also wants to convey the thanks and good wishes of all of our ‘passengers’ who certainly would not be in such good shape today if it were not for the kind heartedness of your readers.

“Every day more volunteers come forward to help us in a wide variety of different ways. And their support is invaluable. In order to keep the professional life-saving pilot and paramedic crew airborne, SCAA needs a separate - but equally important - crew of volunteers in your area to take on fundraising and promotional tasks, bringing the amazing work of this vital charity to a wider audience.

“SCAA’s next emergency call could be to help your community, your colleagues, your friends, your family, or even you. I hope your readers will continue to support us as we can only succeed with them behind us. A huge ‘thank you’ to all for your valuable help throughout 2013.”

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