AGM celebrates charity’s 13th year

ANGUS Care and Repair recently held their 13th annual general meeting at the Forfar Farmington Clubhouse.

It was 13 years ago that Angus Care and Repair became an independent company and Scottish charity and they have never looked back since.

Ken Fenwick, chairman, said in his welcoming message: “Currently we are all experiencing increased pressure and restrictions in funding due to the economic climate.

“There is pressure to perform quicker, to do more jobs, to carry out more reports on our performance and to be involved in additional projects.

“Our Board and Staff have always relished our challenges and been proud of what we have achieved however we must not lose sight of why this service was set up 17 years ago - to make sure our older people in Angus could live safe, warm and secure in their own homes.

“If assistance to help people with repairs and adaptations was a priority at that time, there is no doubt that it is now a necessity.

“Residents are living longer and more people are moving to Angus to enjoy our climate.

“It is therefore essential to help people to remain independent for as long as possible.

“We could be pragmatic and say that people who work do so to enable them to pay bills and live but I know that our staff enjoy making a difference for our clients. Whether it is a lending a sympathetic ear, giving an encouraging smile, a friendly chat or merely carrying out the service very well. It is how our services are delivered as well as the result of them that ‘makes the difference’.”

During the recent Spending Review, John Swinney, talked about an extensive programme of public service reform. The first principle being the importance of building services around the needs of the individual.

He also stressed that one of the key elements of the public service reform would be a decisive shift in favour of preventative expenditure.

Mr Fenwick said: “We are confident that our organisation meets both those aims and look forward to continued collaboration with the public and voluntary sectors to accelerate the prevention of accidents, falls, and increase the number of healthy people living in their own homes for as long as possible.

“In fact during 2010/2011 and this year we have been heavy involved in the Falls and Bone Health Strategy – particularly on the prevention side.

“I understand that there is now a dedicated Falls Co-ordinator (based at Brechin Infirmary) who will record and signpost all fallers in Angus to get appropriate treatment or services and that we will soon have an exercise booklet for older people and people with limited ability to encourage more people to exercise which should in turn will reduce falls.

“All of this demonstrates the great partnership and preventative work that Mr Swinney calls for.

“Furthermore, I am told that Adult Protection and the Falls Group are to coordinate a drama production next year to highlight issues affecting vulnerable adults next year so we can look forward to that in April next year.

“To all the partners that we work with in all our initiatives, Angus Council, NHS, Tayside Police, Tayside Fire and Rescue and all the many others who assist and support our work – thank you all very much for your continued co-operation and professionalism.

“My personal thanks go to my fellow Board Members and Secretary who selflessly give their time and experience to the Care and Repair. And I know the Board and our clients all appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the staff.”