Adverse weather warnings

Tayside Police along with its local authority and emergency services partners, as well as utilities and trunk road operators, are responding to incidents arising from today’s severe weather.

During the worst of the weather this afternoon and into this evening, people should be aware that there is a high risk of disruption to travel.

Anyone who does travel should expect disruption and traffic delays given there the restrictions, including the closure of the Tay Road Bridge in Dundee and the closure of the Friarton Bridge at Perth to high sided vehicles.

Anyone who must travel in these conditions should allow plenty of time for their journey, reduce their speed and drive according to the conditions. This includes keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front and using dipped headlights where appropriate.

Vicious winds led to the closure of the Tay Road Bridge at Dundee shortly after 11am and the Friarton Bridge at Perth was also closed to high sided vehicles during the late morning. Gusts of 90mph were recorded on the Tay Road Bridge, with a peak of 101mph on the bridge at 12.45pm.

Commuters should be aware that the Forth Road Bridge is also closed at present and the Tay Rail Bridge is also currently closed.

Since 9am this morning services have been responding to numerous reports of trees being felled by the storm force winds in Angus, Dundee and Perth. As of 3.30pm, there were up to 12,000 homes are also without power in the Perthshire area, with the electricity provider working hard to restore supply.

Heavy rainfall in the Tayside area has also resulting in isolated flooding and a great deal of surface water on the roads, which make driving conditions more difficult.

Slates have been blown from several buildings across the Tayside area and items such as trampolines, signs, building materials and debris have been causing issues as a result of being blown about. Wherever possible residents and business owners should make efforts to secure their property against the elements.

In relation to wheelie bins, householders are advised to bring them in as soon after collection as possible.

Given that the forecast was for a deterioration in the weather during the afternoon, a decision was also taken to close a number of schools in the Tayside area.

Other public events have been cancelled, including the Christmas lights switch-ons at Lochee, Dundee and at Montrose. School-based evening events in Angus have also been cancelled

Forecasters indicate that the winds will strengthen still further, peaking at around 8pm before turning to come from a more northerly direction and slowly dying down into Friday.

Winds will be less strong tomorrow (Friday), but it will still be a very blustery day with frequent snow showers. These will be heaviest and most frequent in the north and west where there will be further significant accumulations, but the southeast of the country will also be affected.

People should log on to for further details from the Met Office.

They should also tune in to television and local radio bulletins for the latest weather and travel information. Details on any council and trunk road closures can be found at

Local authority websites carry useful information in relation to various services and people should also log on to the Safer Scotland Ready For Winter? website on for more valuable information.