Achievement in sport recognised

FORFAR Academy recognised its own sporting heroes at a service on Tuesday morning, prior to the arrival of the Olympic torch in the town.

Pupils who had been recognised at local and national level achieved distinctive sports ties, whilst those who had been recognised in the past received certificates.

Making the presentations was George Salmond, a Scottish internationalist hockey player who has 56 Caps for Scotland and who competed in two Commonwealth Games (Melbourne 2006, Dehli 2010).

He presented the awards to the following:-

Regional - S1: David Clarke, cross country; Kirsty Richardson, swimming. S1 boys football team - Mark Smith, Callum Clarke, Fraser Smith, Jorden Morrison, Lewis Pass, Dion Smith, Connor Thompson and David Pearson. Robbie Gooderham and Thomas Cooper, cross country

Also in this team but receiving their ties later in the ceremony were Morgan Evans, Greg Simpson, Alistair Wilson, Mark Smith, Rhyss Baer and Ben Quinn.

S2: Megan Baty (re-awardee) and Lucy Richardson, swimming. S2 Boys football - Cameron Millar, Adam Davidson, Kyle Baillie, Sam Rigby, Kieren Crighton (re-awardee), Jason King (re-awardee), Lewis Ferrier, Liam Shortridge Robert Norrie (re-awardee), Ethan Roy, Aaron Mitchell, Gary Speed (re-awardee), Fraser Edward, Jamie Crozier.

Kyle Clark (re-awardee), cross country. Blair Fotheringham (re-awardee), swimming.

S3: Stuart Towns (re-awardee), Robert Clarke (re-awardee), Innes Black, Connor Patel, Erin Brown, Laura Wilson (re-awardee), Keris Douglas (re-awardee) and Rachel Kydd (re-awardee) - all cross country.

Gavin Petrie (re-awardee), golf. Beth Milne (re-awardee), swimming. Molly Peters, Alan Barrett, Adam Morrison Symone Sutton (re-awardee), all athletics.

S1-3 Girls Football Team - Rachelle Milton, Lia Cameron, Keira Balfour, Caitlin Meek, Lori Simpson, Sophie Young, Ellice Brannan, Rebekah Brown (re-awardee), Chelseigh Buchanan, Rachel Gordon, Katie Valentine, Shannon Torrie, Carla Guest, Emily Milton and Katie Stark.

S4: Max Reid, football. Daniel Baty (re-awardee), swimming

S5: Kaitlyn Garratley, climbing. Callum Innes, badminton. Ellie Finlayson (re-awardee), swimming

S6: Jack Stirling (re-awardee), badminton. Victoria Geddes (re-awardee), athletics.


Mark Smith - judo and football - Scottish Open competitions - 2 gold in the under 46kg (Meadowbank and Larkhall); 2 bronze in under 50kg (Aberdeen and Edinburgh) and 2 bronze in under 55kg (Motherwell and Inverness); Mairi Buchanan, Highland Dancing - twice runner up at the Scottish National Highland Dancing Championships; Sophie Brown, Highland Dancing - won the Scottish Confined Championships and the Scottish Open Championships at Cowal Highland Gathering. The latter award effectively signifies Sophie as the world’s best in the 12 years age group. She also won the 2011 season British Open Championship, runner up in the Commonwealth Championship and won the regional championships in Tayside and the Highlands. So far this season she has finished third in the European Championships at the 13 years age group.

Bradley Archibald, Mixed Martial Arts - 2 silver medals at the WKA Scottish Championships MMA in U17 years 85kg+ and open weight categories.

Callum Duncan (re-awardee), Mixed Martial Arts - 2 gold medals at the WKA Scottish Championships MMA in U17 years 85kg+ and open weight categories;

Glen Gauld (re-awardee), Mixed Martial Arts - bronze medal at the WKA Scottish Championships MMA in U17 years -70kg.

S1 Boys Basketball team - Scottish Cup Semi-Finalists - Callum O’Brien, Jonathan Stout, Ronan Meek, Brady Harper, Paddy Allardice, Nathan Towns and Kegan Morris, Greg Simpson (also football), Morgan Evans, (Cross Country, Cricket and Football), Alistair Wilson (football), Rhyss Baer (football), Uthman Ahmed (cricket) and Ben Quinn (football).