Access still denied for walkers at Balmashanner

A group of locals up in arms at the locked gates at Balmashanner
A group of locals up in arms at the locked gates at Balmashanner

A GROUP of local folk met on Friday at the gates which are still locked at Balmashanner.

Mauro Lyons, Keith Scott, Gordon Orr, David Taylor, Allan Watt, Andrew Reid, Dave Donald, John Norrie, Caroline Grassie, Steve Rose, Mrs Cleman Troup and family and Nan Hargraves met in disagreement of the blocked access.

The fence is restricting access at Balmashanner and is situated south of the Balmashanner Hill housing estate, at the top of Northampton Road, and is blocking access. It has been restricting access for the public to cross the field since March 1.

Nan Hargraves, a resident for the past 16 years, wrote to the Forfar Dispatch back in March appealing to members of the public for evidence of the path’s use in the last 20 years, as she believes the path should be considered a right of way.

She received multiple emails in response to her ongoing appeal for information.

Local resident Mr Shaw said: “With regards to your enquiry as to access to said fields I have been in and around the Forfar area since the age of 17 and I am now 46, which is 29 years, and from a child the field has always had open access either end.”

Another local, who did not wish to be named, said: “I have lived here for 23 years. The answer to your question is that from before we moved in people used the farm road behind our house to walk dogs up and over the hill to Balmashanner.

“In fact I can remember going over the said hill when I was at school age and that is considerably longer than 20 years as I left school at 15 and I am now 56. I am upset at the gate being closed as I have a dog myself who used to enjoy the walk over the hill.”

Any information of the paths use in the last 20 years can be forwarded via email to