Academy teachers become overnight internet sensation

TEACHERS and staff from Forfar Academy recently became the latest YouTube sensations with their take on the hit US television show, Glee.

Last Monday, teachers posted their parody video of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ - one of the most famous songs from the show - on YouTube and the number of hits swelled to well over 10,000 in just a matter of days.

Drama teachers Paul Harrison and Pauline Gibb were the driving force behind the video which took them six months to record and edit.

Staff filmed their parts for the cameras after school and during quiet breaks in the day with an enthusiasm that is obvious in the final film.

Pauline said: “About six months ago Paul and I wanted to start a Glee Club, but didn’t want to go through the normal channels of just putting up posters around the school.

“We’re absolutely overwhelmed, there is a real electric buzz around the school, it’s really great.”

Pauline also revealed that the video has encouraged over 100 pupils to put their name down for the club so far.

It is just not for pupils who wish to perform, however, as there are spaces in the Glee Club for everyone who would like to get involved, whether it be making costumes or building sets.

Pauline said: “It is essentially musical theatre which has just been rebranded but we will also be doing multimedia based things such as filming and editing our own videos.”

Clearly thrilled with the reaction the video has inspired, Pauline added: “It is unbelievable, we never thought that we would get this response.”

Pupils have taken to the YouTube site in their droves to leave messages showing their enthusiasm for the video. One said: “Wow, Just wow! Makes me feel so proud to be a pupil at Forfar Academy! It’s only our teachers that could think something as good as this! Love it.”

A number of former pupils have also left messages on the site, including one who said it made them wish they were still at school: “Excellent, excellent, excellent! Makes us wish we were still at the Academy!”

Forfar Academy rector Melvyn Lynch said: “There is a real buzz around the school and it has had a really positive impact.

“The youngsters seem to be beating a path to the door to sign up and I think we might end up with the greatest Glee Club in the country.

“I am delighted to see the pride that the pupils have shown in the school and it shows that they have really appreciated the efforts of the teachers.

“The only concern I have is that some of my talented staff might be lured to Hollywood!”