Academy dance one of the best

Forfar Academy pupils at their Christmas dance.
Forfar Academy pupils at their Christmas dance.

Senior pupils and staff at Forfar Academy marked the end of term with the annual Christmas dance in the assembly hall.

Sian Craigon reports: “The Christmas dance is always a highlight in the senior calendar for pupils and staff alike.

“Every year it is eagerly anticipated to be a good night and everyone always raves about how good the night was afterwards.

“This year was no different. It was one of the best dances so far. All the senior pupils had a fantastic time and it was great to see the teachers getting involved in the dances with the pupils. It is also a night when senior prefects from other Angus schools are invited to join in the festive fun, showing that Forfar Academy embraces the spirit of Christmas.

“A highlight of the night is always the Scottish country dancing and the final songs. These allow everyone to get on the dance floor and have a laugh with each other. Also, the band playing ‘Loch Lomond’ and ‘500 Miles’ always gets everybody into a great mood and ends the night on a high.

“A massive thank you to all the senior pupils who helped organise the event and to all the teachers who gave up their time to come and make the dance possible.”

Another successful venture at Forfar Academy is the work carried out by the Pupil Learning Council.

It is the voice of the pupils and is actively involved in the life of the school and in helping improve the learning experience for all pupils.

Many changes have been made that have allowed the school to improve and its aim is to improve learning and attainment.

To this end, members developed a study guide for all year groups that could be used during Tutor Time and in the library

This year the PLC is planning to make as many changes as it can to improve the way pupils are learning in the school. In addition to this, it is putting forward ideas on ways to improve the school as asked for by the pupils. Furthermore, the PLC is at the forefront of spreading news about the new school building plans to the pupils and has discussed improvements to the canteen. Further information is available on Twitter or visit the website: @foracad or