A reminder to re-tune televisions for Freeview

FREEVIEW viewers in parts of Angus, Dundee, Perth and Fife will need to retune their television equipment on Wednesday, April 17.

This is because local airwaves are cleared for the roll-out of faster mobile broadband.

Technical changes at the Angus transmitter group, which currently serves 210,000 homes, will free up frequencies for the future introduction of fourth-generation mobile services.

Following the launch of 4G services in the 800MHz band later this year, some viewers may experience interference with their Freeview reception.

A new company, at800, has been set up by the mobile operators to provide filters and other assistance and help to households where their television reception is affected by the changes and upgrades.

For more information visit you can visit at800.tv to learn about the changes.

Between now and the end of this year, a number of similar upgrades will be made in other areas of the United Kingdom in order to prepare for the introduction of 4G.

Television services will be subject to some disruption from midnight on April 17 as channels including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Film4 and Yesterday are moved to new frequencies.

Work at the main Angus transmitter is expected to be completed by 6 a.m. and viewers are able to retune their televisions at any point after this time.

Services at other local transmitters may be off-air until late afternoon.

Once these resume, anyone who appears to be missing channels should retune their television or digital box to get them back.

Digital UK is launching an information campaign to make viewers aware of the need to retune their Freeview TV or box, including local advertising and messages on screen.

David Scott, the Chief Executive of Digital UK, said: “It’s a good idea to retune your Freeview TV or box regularly to make sure your channel list is up to date.

“It usually only takes a few minutes but if anyone is unsure what to do, there’s plenty of information available on our website or from our advice line team.”

Viewers can check if they need to retune and the television services that are predicted to be available at their address by using the coverage checker on the website by visiting digitaluk.co.uk.

Detailed advice on retuning is also available from Digital UK’s website and advice line by visiting either www.digitaluk.co.uk/retuning or telephoning 08456 505050.