A memorable musical day in Kirriemuir

Sandy Ingram, left, Glamis and Lindsay Downie, Kirriemuir.
Sandy Ingram, left, Glamis and Lindsay Downie, Kirriemuir.

It was a memorable day in Kirriemuir at the 46th annual Fiddle Festival, held in St Andrew’s Parish Church.

There were some excellent competitors this year although numbers were lower with fewer local entries, particularly in the junior sections.

In the hot seat the experienced fiddler and past competitor Patsy Reid was the adjudicator.

It was a challenging day for her judging the close senior competitions - particularly the Composers competition with 13 entries.

This year it was a ‘Slow Air’ which always seems to awaken more inner composers.

The experienced Joan Blue was much appreciated by all the competitors for her skilled accompaniment, tailored to fit in with every player.

The provisional date for next year’s festival is November 9 so all the local fiddlers have a whole year to hone their skills and help make the 2014 Festival one to remember!

Results - Slow Air and Reel: 1 Tabitha Kobine, Edinburgh; 2 Anna Westwell, Edinburgh; 3 Elanor Thompson, Cupar.

Junior March, Strathspey and Reel: 1 Magnus Westwell, Edinburgh; 2 Stuart Davidson, Tarves; 3 Ellie McLaren, Braemar.

Compostion (Slow Air): 1 Philip Westwell, Edinburgh; 2 Lesley Thompson, Cupar; 3 Pauline Page, Tillicoultry.

Slow Air: 1 George Davidson; 2 Lesley Thompson, Cupar; 3 (Joint) Maggie Adamson, Shetland and Jack Westwell, Edinburgh; Confined cup – (George Murray Rosebowl) – George Fraser, Blairgowrie; Senior March, Strathspey and Reel: 1 Thoren Ferguson, Edinburgh; 2 Gary Thompson, Cupar; 3 Sarah Lychehaun, Edinburgh; Confined cup – (Clova cup) – George Fraser.

Hornpipe: 1 Maggie Adamson, Shetland; 2 George Davidson, Tarves; 3 Lesley Thompson.

Championship: 1 George Davidson, Tarves; 2 Lesley Thompson, Cupar; 3 Maggie Adamson, Shetland.

Quartet – 3 Drams & a Pianna (Joan Blue, Maggie Adamson, Anne Nicol, Lesley Thompson; Orchestra – Edinburgh Highland Reel & Strathspey Society (conductor Yla Stevens); Best Runner up – Sarah Lychehaun, Edinburgh.