A great treat for Forfar pupils

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FORFAR Academy pupils from the music department, the Independent Support Base and the Autistic Unit were recently treated to a unique display of cultural heritage by the Maasai Warriors.

The Osiligi Warriors were founded by their chairman Tajeu Minnisa (Richard) in 2007 in order to benefit their families and community in Kisamis village near Nairobi.

Money is raised by a series of UK tours during which the troupe perform their tribal song and dance and spread the word about their culture.

The troupe wowed the pupils with their colourful costumes and their tribal singing with everyone standing up at one point to join in with a song of celebration.

There were many things to enjoy in their performance including a dramatisation of a lion hunt and the celebration singing after a successful hunt.

The leader of the troupe also explained how their sheep herders don’t call out to each other as they may be heard by predatory animals and so they contact each other by whistling which he then demonstrated.

They also demonstrated their jumping ability for which they are renowned. The warriors invited staff and pupils to join in which was appreciated by all.

Pupils were mesmerised by the performance which was part of the international learning experience that Forfar Academy are keen to provide pupils with.

Following the performance pupils were given the chance to ask the warriors about their traditions, dress and customs.

The session finished with a video and slideshow of what the warriors are trying to achieve through their fundraising tours and charity.

They showed how they have now installed a water pump to give their village access to clean water and they have also rebuild their church.

Their current project is to build a new school which will be a “Centre for Excellence.” Forfar pupils are now looking at ways to support Kisamis village in the future.

The warriors finished to a rousing round of applause from all present before spending time to speak to and have photographs taken with the pupils.