A call for fund clarity

MEMBERS of Forfar Community Council are calling for further clarification regarding awards being made out of the town’s common good fund (writes Janet Thomson).

In particular, whilst they welcome the £100,000 award to the Forfar Sports Association for an all-weather facility at Forfar Academy, they have expressed their reservations about an application from Forfar Farmington and Forfar Athletic Football Clubs for their all-weather pitch at Station Park (see story opposite).

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross said: “The general consensus is the £100,000 for the FSA seems to be fair enough, we don’t have problem with that; but we have serious reservations of the possibility of Farmington/Forfar Athletic getting money from the common good because they have already had £300,000 funding from cashback for communities. Forfar Athletic is a commercial venture and Farmington has already had money from the common good.

“There’s not enough information. The consensus of opinion seems to be that this will be exclusive for Farmington and Forfar Athletic.”

Mrs Ross felt no information was coming out regarding applications being made.

She said: “There’s no discussion with community council or members of the public for so many large sums of money coming out of the common good, in particular for sports related ventures.

“We are not preventing money being spent, but are questioning why a commercial venture should come and get money.

There has to be some clarification about the use of common good funds. It’s a wonderful asset that could do so much good for the town.”