Treated to varied entertainment

On April 12, members of Aldbar WRI were treated to a varied programme of entertainment provided by Farnell WRI.

Competition results – A Brooch (any craft): 1, Mrs. I McLaren; 2, Miss I. Findlay. Flower of the Month- 1, Miss I. Findlay; 2, Mrs. D. Blackie.

On May 10, the annual business meeting was held.

Secretary, Mrs. D. Blackie, gave her annual report on the activities for the year while Treasurer, Miss I. Findlay, presented the accounts and answered members’ queries.

President, Mrs. Mary Daun, thanked the committee and members for their support and encouragement over the last three years.

The new committee were elected and Misses Marjory and Janette Armstrong thanked for counting the votes.

The Syme Cup for most points in the monthly cookery and craft competitions was presented jointly to Mrs. N. Craig and Mrs. S. Welsh while Miss I Findlay was runner-up. The Janet Stewart Trophy for Flower of the Month went to Mrs. S. Welsh while Miss I. Findlay was the runner-up.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by various members who provided helpful tips, a demonstration, some poetry and stories. Mrs. V. Gouck and Mrs. G. Booth were tea hostesses and served the usual delicious supper.

Competition Results – Savoury Cous-Cous 1, Mrs. D. Watt; 2, Miss I. Findlay. Flower of the Month 1s, Miss I. Findlay; 2, Mrs. I Archibald.