Round the rurals

All the latest news from local WRI groups.

Games night

Members of Aldbar WRI met in Guthrie Hall on Thursday, March 7.

Entries for the Federation Show were discussed and, since apologies had been received from the scheduled speaker, members enjoyed a games night.

They played whist and dominoes and enjoyed a beetle drive.

Mrs Daun, president, thanked the tea hostesses, Mrs Sheena Welsh and Mrs Dorothy Wilson for a delicious supper.

The two competitions resulted as follows:- before/after photographs - 1, Miss P. Greenhill; 2, Mrs. N. Craig; flower of the month - 1, Mrs M. Daun; 2, Miss I. Findlay.

Musical entertainment

President, Mrs Jane Nicolson welcomed guests, Tessa and Gillian – a Musical Duo - to the most recent Letham WRI meeting. Tessa sang a variety of songs accompanied by Gillian on keyboard before telling some short stories. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Doris Black.

Competitions: A bowl of 3 Hyacinths 1 Mrs Grace Stewart; Homemade Gift Box 1 Mrs Grace Stewart, 2 Mrs Ann Marie Bray; Garden Flower of Month 1 Mrs Helen Lees, 2 Mrs Ann Marie Bray, 3 Mrs Grace Stewart; The Ann Wallace Sugar Sifter Competition - 1 Mrs Ina Ramsay, 2 Mrs Jane Nicolson, 3 Mrs Sheila Hawick.

The making of Oral History

President Chris Horrocks presided over the March meeting of the Kirriemuir WRI.

She introduced Rob Gordon from Macmanus Museum, Dundee, who gave a very interesting and amusing talk on the making of Oral History. The Vote of thanks was given by Ruth Fraser.

Competitions - Sultana Cake - 1 Chris Horrocks, 2 Pat Paterson; Bulbs - 1 Chris Horrocks; Flower of the Month - 1 equal Pat Paterson, Ruth Fraser and Chris Horrocks, 2 Ivy Ray.

Skincare demonstration

Mrs Caroline Lang presided the recent Cortachy WRI meeting and welcomed Kirsty Ferguson who gave a wonderful demonstration on skin care and manicure. Competitions - Bowl of floating flower heads - 1 Aileen Pearson, 2 Margaret Mackie, 3 Susan McLaren. Cinnamon biscuits - 1 Caroline Lang, 2 Marion McDonald, 3 Greta Smith. Tea hostesses - Marion McDonald and Patsy Paton.