Open night for knitters

Angus Machine Knitters opened the new year with an open night followed by an evening demonstrating the technique of plating.

The Brother machine needs a small attachment to the carriage arm on the single bed and a separate one for the ribber whereas the Knitmaster machine has a built-in capability for plating.

This technique feeds two yarns at the same time to every stitch. Yarns of different thicknesses can be used with a patterned effect on the face of the fabric and the appearance of a lining on the reverse.

Toning and contrasting colours can be used to great effect, as can sparkly or metallic yarns. Switching the main yarn with the plating yarn gives an interesting alternative therefore some experimenting is advised.

There was plenty of discussion, comparing notes and floating new ideas at the open night. A warm welcome was extended to another new member.

Anyone interested can get more information from Catriona Little, Organiser, on 01307 461916 or Wilma Stewart, Secretary, 01241 870787.

There will be a committee meeting on Monday, February 6 when the new syllabus will be made up.