If you go down to the woods today...

Kirriemuir based artist Neil Paterson has installed a series of letters on the trees at the visitor centre in Templeton Woods, Dundee.

Strikingly white and oddly juxtaposed against the trees, the letters spell out family names when viewed from the correct angle – mum, dad, son and daughter.

Neil’s intention is to encourage visitors to walk around the area to get the correct viewing point and to explore the woods for more words.

“Using family names invites the visitors to think about their relationship with the woodland” says Neil. “Happy times which they may have had there with their parents or children, and serves as a little memorial to those days.

“Seen from the ‘wrong’ angle the letters spell out anagrams which can be bizarre or surreal – which is part of the fun of the piece!”

Neil has already installed stone sculptures and a mural for visitors in the woodlands and has plans for more – although Family Trees is not intended to be permanent.

The work can be seen at any time on a visit to the woods.