Helping prisoners get back on track

At the latest meeting of the Kirriemuir Probus Club, President Ted Williams introduced Wyn March who had always had a desire to help anyone who had a problem.

This eventually led her to interview offenders in prison in order to persuade them that it was possible to take a different view of life and live a normal life where they would not re-offend.

Wyn explained that to do this one needed to find some common ground with the offender and then talk them into seeing life differently.

She gave several instances of her success with this method in London and later in other parts of Scotland.

She exhibited paintings done by one offender and explained how she had picked up on his hidden talent which he found that he could expand upon after his release.

From the manner of her talk it was evident that she found great happiness whenever she managed to turn an offender away from his bad deeds to follow a useful life in society. It was evident from a question and answer session that many of the members found her talk of great interest.

The next meeting of Kirriemuir Probus Club will be on Wednesday, February 1 when the speaker will be Cameron Mckiddie, who will talk about Kirriemuir Curling Club.