First service voted a great success

AT a time when many denominations are having to amalgamate or even close churches, Congregationalists in Scotland are taking the bold step of starting new congregations.

New projects are being planned in, Angus, Aberdeen, the West of Scotland and in Dumfries and Galloway.

This past Saturday the Clova Congregational Church met in Clova Kirk (pictured left) and held its inaugural service on Saturday, September 3.

The Trustees of Clova Kirk kindly agreed that the Congregationalists can explore having regular worship in the building.

Saturday early evening was trialled as a time when visitors to the area might be able to join with residents.

The first service was a success when over 25 people from across Scotland attended the service and joined with local residents and visitors to the area.

Taking part were the Chairman and Secretary of the Congregational Federation in Scotland, Rev. Tom Wilson and May-Kane Logan respectively. The Honourable Ruth J Leslie Melville, Provost of Angus, was also present.

The next Services are planned for 6 pm on Saturdays, September 24 and October 22.

The project is being led by the Rev. Gordon Campbell and the Rev. Andy Cowie from the Perth and Aberdeen Congregational Churches respectively.