Down memory lane

Forfar Sailing Association preparing for their regatta
Forfar Sailing Association preparing for their regatta

We take a look back at what was in the headlines in 1987 and 2007.

30 Years Ago: A Forfar fruit farmer has stepped into pastures new with the launch of a new wine. However, it is not the customary grape that David and Sheila Morrison are using but the tayberry and raspberry. Later next month the Morrisons have their first major public test when Foresterseat Tayberry goes on sale at the Food Fayre in Forfar. Production last year was immense. Some 1600 bottles of wine have been produced from the 1986 crop, and initial estimates suggest that one tonne of tayberries will yield 3500 bottles of wine. There are a further 1600 bottles in the vats fermenting.

10 Years Ago: Angus Council is accused of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut with excessive use of speed humps in Taylor Street. Ten sets of humps have been installed along the entire length, which some residents have called excessive. Others have stated that the bumps have simply moved the traffic away from Taylor Street and into Robertson Terrace.

Caravan park - Forfar Community Council chairman Mrs Isobel Ross had read the front page of the Dispatch about the state of the Lochside Caravan Park. She went to see and said: “Irrespective of the warden situation, I was not impressed by the state of the showers; it is not acceptable.”