Down memory lane

Strathmore Scorpions in action against the Dundee Whalers in 1987
Strathmore Scorpions in action against the Dundee Whalers in 1987

We take a look back at what was in the headlines in 1987 and 2007.

30 years ago: For several months now, local Regional Councillor Rod McFarlane, has been actively trying to find the solution to a serious flooding problem at a site of special scientific interest near Forfar. The site in question is Restenneth Moss, an area which comes under the umbrella of the Nature Conservancy Council, and the flooding problem, it would appear, has been escalating for the past 15 years. Various pipes and culverts have been found to be damaged and not functioning. Mr McFarlane said: “Since 1980 a perceivable difference in water levels in the Moss has occurred, resulting in trees and fauna dying at an alarming rate.”

10 years ago: Murton Community Garden outside Forfar reached a milestone on Saturday - with the erection of a polytunnel. The great weather of the last few days has allowed a dedicated group of volunteers to prepare the vegetable plot and construct the polytunnel, which will enable the group to bring on a variety of plants which can be used in the garden over the coming months.

Closed on Sundays - Concern that a major tourist attraction in Kirriemuir is closed on Sundays has been expressed by Alison Andrews. She said: “The Gateway to the Glens Museum is a wonderful asset to Kirriemuir.”