Death of Forfar’s Bud the Alsatian


The owner of Bud the Alsatian, who sat outside the Academy Street body shop in Forfar, has thanked all those who have shown affection to his four-legged friend over the years.

Sadly, Bud passed away at the weekend and business-man Gordon Alexander has expressed his gratitude to all those who took his pet to their hearts.

If the doors of Academy Street Motors were open, Bud would be on duty at the entrance. He had his own circle of friends who regularly stopped to say ‘hello’; school children, pensioners and other dogs too. Gordon had Bud since he was a puppy.

He said: “He was always with me and I know that many of his friends will be missing him as much as I am. He had a great life and, for an Alsatian, a long one at 15. Thank you to everyone who passed and made him such a feature of Academy Street.”