Competition on letters of complaint

A Letter of Complaint was the subject of the Angus Writers’ Circle club competition on Wednesday, March 7.

It was adjudicated by Liz Strachan, a long time member of the Circle, who told Circle members that she had once entered a competition in which people were invited to write a ‘Letter of Love’.

Never having written anything in her life she sent off her entry not expecting to hear anymore about it but to her surprise she won.

As a result of this she joined the Angus Writers’ Circle. In 2009, ‘It Began With A Letter’, her collection of short stories and reminiscences, including the prize winning letter, was published.

If that wasn’t enough Liz has since had numerous other stories and articles published in various magazines.

Moving on to the competition entries Liz said she expected a professional approach to the letter writing. But she said that after reading the entries it was “Let’s have fun with Liz.”

Mrs Strachan turned the tables on members by replying to everyone who complained, and these replies were as funny as the originals.

Liz said: “I loved every letter and picking a winner was difficult.”

Complaints were made about the brazen behaviour of three male students, lack of sweets in a selection box, and even complaints to God about the behaviour of humans and animals and asking Him for help.

The winners were: 1 - Eleanor Fordyce (who won the Fireball), 2 - Grace Murray, 3 - Heather Gourlay.

The Angus Writers’ Circle meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7.30 - 10 pm in the Rosely Hotel, Arbroath. New members are always welcome.

For more details call Eleanor Fordyce on 01307 465056.