Change of venue for Christingle service

This year's Christingle service will be held in the Reid Hall, Forfar.
This year's Christingle service will be held in the Reid Hall, Forfar.

Ongoing alterations at the East and Old Parish Church in Forfar have resulted in a change of venue for this year’s annual Christingle service on Christmas Eve.

Every year the Christingle event is celebrated in thousands of churches and schools throughout the country.

In Forfar this has mostly taken place on Christmas Eve in the East and Old Parish Church.

However, due to work within the church sanctuary, the celebrations this year will be in the Reid Hall but still led by the Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin and members of the East and


Christingle is celebrated specifically with the children in mind and is a great event for them to enjoy along with people of all ages, irrespective of being a regular church member.

The celebration is named after the Christingles which are made from an orange - representing the world; a red ribbon round the orange symbolising the love and blood of Christ; four cocktail sticks holding dried fruits and sweets pointing the directions ie North, South, East and West and representing all God’s creations.

The lit candle represents Jesus’s light guiding the way and bringing hope to people living in darkness.

The candles are lit during the singing of a Christmas Carol when all the lights are dimmed and is a magical moment for all, especially the children.

A large amount of Christingles are being made ensuring there will be will be the biggest celebration yet.

The free service will run from 6.30 to 7.30pm on Saturday, December 24, at the Reid Hall Forfar.