Busy time for our local Army Cadets

Local army cadets
Local army cadets

Over three hundred army cadets from Tayside are currently enjoying the annual camp in Altcar Barracks near Liverpool.

They have been joined by 67 adult volunteers who have given up their annual holiday from work to accompany the young people.

The cadets will be working towards their qualifications in Duke of Edinburgh, First Aid, as well as the Army Cadet Force’s own qualifications.

Experienced cadets have been sleeping out, learning how to pitch their tents, cook their meals and take part in mock ambushes, as well as orienteering, map and compass work in addition to the obligatory drill and cleaning duties.

Tommy Read, 13, from Kirriemuir, is a first year one star cadet and has been enjoying getting out into the field. He said: “We’ve been camping in the rain which was great, although we didn’t get all that much sleep.”

Andrew Millar, 13, is from Forfar and is hoping to pass his cadet one star qualification, he said: “You get a real sense of achievement going through all the tests to see if you can make it as a one star cadet.”

They have been practising with Dundee teenagers, Jack Wilson and Kelsey Duffy, who both attend Harris Academy. Jack has been working hard to pass his star award and sailed through the tests with flying colours, he said: “I am really hoping that I will be made up to Lance Corporal.”

Kelsey is more pragmatic, she said: “I really enjoy the drill although it involves a lot of practising. It was raining when we were camping, but that’s just like home in Dundee. Rain is pretty normal for us.”

Lastly, Calvin Ogilvie (14), from Alyth had a word of praise for the new ration packs. Calvin, who attends Webster’s High School in Kirriemuir, has enjoyed camping out, despite the rain. He said: “Being out in the field is great, I’ve really enjoyed it. You get to take part in all kinds of activities and we’ve learned a lot. Even cooking ration packs has been fun. We eat the same ones as the army and they taste great.”