A successful second meeting

Strathmore Speakers’ Club returned to the Kirriemuir Golf Club last week for their second meeting of the new season. President Bill Walker, of Blairgowrie, welcomed 11 members and one visitor.

He then went on to chair the training session, assisted by Alex Rae of Kirriemuir in the role of timekeeper for the evening. This consisted of three speeches, each of which was evaluated.

First to the lectern was Pamela Howat of Coupar Angus, making a speech entitled ‘What I Did This Summer’. Pamela described a visit to the British Museum in London and how she had been fascinated by some of the key exhibits such as the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. David Affleck of Kirriemuir evaluated, saying that this had been a very well prepared speech confidently delivered with clear diction and good use of gestures - he awarded a pass.

The second speaker was Muriel Smith of Kirriemuir on the assignment of ‘Speech Construction’. With the title of ‘Memory – What’s that?’, Muriel spoke about the problems of forgetting things as we grow older. Her evaluator, David Howat of Blairgowrie, said that this was a very well constructed speech with an interesting main section and an animated finish. He awarded Muriel a pass.

Third up was Jim Gibb of Blairgowrie who was attempting an ‘Impromptu’ speech. He was given a choice of three subjects and allowed to leave the room for ten minutes preparation. On his return he announced that he had chosen ‘Drug addiction in our society’ and went on to say that although not a new phenomenon, the scale of drug addiction in society was now at an all time high. He discussed several ways to tackle the problem and concluded that we must all lobby the Government for much more severe punishment for suppliers. The evaluation was given by Jim Smith of Kirriemuir who congratulated Jim for choosing a serious subject and tackling it in a straightforward way, even introducing some humour into his opening remarks - he awarded a pass.

Ted Williams of Kirriemuir chaired the Topics Session in which he invited six members to speak for three minutes each at short notice on the theme of ‘things that annoy us’.

David Binnie of Broughty Ferry started with inappropriate ‘Noise’, Pamela Howat criticised some annoying ‘People’, cyclist David Affleck condemned some other ‘Road users’, Jim Smith chose mice as his most annoying ‘Wildlife’, Helen Fleming of Forfar described the habits of certain school students and Eric Summers of Kirriemuir felt that the human race had not ‘travelled’ all that well.

General evaluator David Binnie said he had thoroughly enjoyed the evening, which had included good speeches and helpful evaluations.

Anyone who would like more information about learning to speak in public in the friendly atmosphere of a speakers club should contact Jim Smith on 01575 574435 or Jim Gibb on 01250 875262.